Alumnae Group

Sometimes girls have such a good time with each other while completing Religion in Life for Girl Scouts that they do not want to stop meeting. Meeting with other girls who share their values and with whom they have built working and trusting relationships can be quite an empowering experience for girls. Like any other alumni association, a Religion in Life Alumnae group can include all girls who have completed one of the Religion in Life for Girl Scouts programs. Such a group will still need adult advisors, but they need not be the same advisors as those who took the girls through the initial award program. A girl’s participation in a Religion in Life Alumnae group can be independent of her involvement in Girl Scouting.

If they create an alumnae group, girls will need to take a large role in planning their own programming. Girls might volunteer in pairs to run a meeting’s activities. One helpful way to structure the program is to look for a mix of four elements: service, learning, spirituality, and community.

An ongoing program can strengthen girls’ relationships to each other and their faith community, building leadership skills and a support network as they go. Once an alumnae group is established, it is important to find ways to incorporate new members as additional girls complete the Religion in Life for Girl Scouts program. “Mixers” of alumnae and girls in the process of earning the award can serve as incentive and encouragement for finishing the program. Welcoming initiation ceremonies can also help new alumnae gain a sense of belonging in the group.

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